New Kingdom Painted Amarna Vase

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Origin: Egypt, Amarna
Circa: 1353 BC to 1335 BC
Dimensions: 13.6" Height (34.6 cm)
Medium: Terracotta

Of pale brownish-red terracotta, ovoid in form with a rounded base and a short flaring neck, decorated in registers with light blue painted stylized petals alternating with plain bands, outlined in black and highlighted in red. 

with Hermes Gallery, Munich, 1975. ex. Margaret Koser, Germany. ex. American art market, 2007. Christie's, Antiquities, New York, 6 December 2007.

Minor rim chippings, partly faded pigment. Intact. Mounted on a black tripod metal stand.

This vessel was likely used as part of the Greek symposium. Much like modern academic symposiums, in which people discuss a topic of common interest, debunking old theories and putting forth new hypotheses; the men of ancient Athens regularly got together in private homes to exchange ideas. Afterward the participants might continue the conversation, discussing their impressions in greater detail or simply socializing over a drink. As the evening progressed, participants engaged in other pleasures, including games, performances, and sex.

Wine played a major role in fueling these evenings, and a myriad of vessels were used for preparing wine while smaller vessels like this one were used to serve and drink it. it would have been almost impossible to drink from this particular example and it was likely used instead as a mixing bowl (krater).

for similar see Berlin Museum no.15577

Bourriau, Pottery from the Nile Valley before the Arab conquest, no. 151, for the type.

S. Schoske, "Anch," Blumen fur das leben; Pflanzen im alten Agypten, Munich, 1992, pp. 158-9, no. 77b.


New Kingdom

New Kingdom Painted Amarna Vase

New Kingdom

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