Egyptian Faience Shabti

SKU: HQ.0059

Origin: Egypt
Circa: Late Period, 30th Dynasty, 380 - 343 BC
Dimensions: 5.7" h (14.5cm) 
Medium: Faience

Made of a green-blue faience and standing in mummiform, wearing a tripartite wig, and the false beard. Arms folded across the chest, holding a hoe in each hand, and a seed-sack over the right shoulder. The lower body, decorated in six lines of sunk relief hieroglyphs.


Private Collection Florida, acquired on the market in the 1980s; Private Collection, Los Angeles, CA.

Small chip to the front corner, as shown in pictures, but overall in good condition.

For a shabti from the same period and similar color see the shabti for Iah-mes, "Shabtis A Private View: Ancient Egyptian funerary statuettes in European private collections," Glenn Janes, 2002, pg. 151, illus. 79.

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