Greek Black-Glazed Oinochoe

SKU: HQ.0071

Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: c. 5th century BC
Dimensions: 7.5" h x 5.25" w (19.5cm x 13.5cm)
Medium: Terracotta

The bulbous body on a small flaring foot, the wide neck with well pinched trefoil lobes, and the strap handle with two small rotellae an imitation of metalwork. The wide shoulder with central panel with three bands of decoration, with tongues, Greek key, and double band of dotted ivy, and a set of added red concentric lines.


Acquired from Galerie La Reine Margot, Paris, between 1969-1971; Collection of Dr. Manuel Gottlieb and Doris Gottlieb Brickner, New York, NY USA. Thence by descent to the current owner.

Small area of restoration to the left of the bottom of the handle, well conserved glossy surface, overall in good condition.

For a similar example with a band of secondary decoration on the shoulder see the Black-Glaze Oinoche B362, The British Museum, London, UK, accession number GR 1836.2-24.334.

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