Although newcomers on the Los Angeles gallery circuit, the Monument LA team has been professionally dedicated to the study, acquisition, publication, and sale of ancient art for over two decades.  Our philosophy is to build and exhibit a collection that is unique, diverse, aesthetically arresting and historically enriching.  It is a collection that appeals to not only classical and traditional sensibilities but modern and contemporary as well.  Each piece is carefully selected and curated to meet our exacting standards for quality, authenticity, rarity, provenance, and artistic value. 

With a specialty in classical antiquities from both the Roman and Greek periods, Mounument LA also offers standout ancient artifacts from Egypt, the Near East and Asia.  Pottery, glass, and utilitarian objects are all represented in the collection, however the focus is on dynamic, skillfully executed, and superbly preserved sculpture and statuary.

Our clients are many and varied from private collectors, designers, and museums to corporate investors and public institutions throughout the world.  We offer objects and items for each and every type of collector, from the newly minted to the well seasoned, with a broad range of price points and values.  At Monument LA however, it's not only about the caliber of the art and objects, but the quality of the experience.  We strive to make learning about and acquiring ancient art a pleasure, with white glove service that pays special attention to detail, education, and connoisseurship.  We also offer a wide variety of supplementary services including curation, collection building and management, authentication, consultation, acquisition, and consignment.  For more information on services provided and what we can do for you please view the "SERVICES" page in the "ABOUT" menu above.