Sale and Consignment

Do you have an ancient artifact or collection of art that you would like to sell?  Whether through direct purchase, brokered sale or consignment we may be able to help you.  Contact us today to learn more.

Collection Building and Management

For some collecting is a minor pastime or hobby, for others it is a passion, and yet for others it is a serious business.  If you are in the latter camp we can provide you with the tools, expertise, and the resources to make your collection a treasure to not only enjoy in the present but reap the benefits from for years and generations to come.  From insurance to inventory, photography to cataloguing, provenance research to legal documentation, we can assist you with all of your management, curatorial, and organizational needs.  We can also provide advice and consultation on acquisitions, market trends, and investment potentials.  If your goal is to build a world class collection, it will require world class management, and we can help you with that.

Design Services and Display

Need a custom display case or vitrine for that unique area?  Have an old stand that needs to be fixed?  Moving into a new home that requires professional grade design services and solutions for your art collection?  We work personally with many of LA's biggest and brightest designers, architects, contractors, and art services providers.  Whatever your design, display, or exhibition needs may be, we can likely help. 

Conservation and Restoration

Whether ancient or antique, historical items and objects of even nominal age can require special attention and maintenance to keep them in proper condition.  And of course life can always happen, even to irreplaceable treasures under the greatest of care.  If you have an object or artifact that needs conservation, restoration, or repair our team can help.


If you need a general estimate on an item's value, a professional opinion for a specific question, a battery of lab tests to be arranged and executed, or a certified appraisal for insurance purposes, our team may be able to help.  For additional details please view the "AUTHENTICITY" page from the footer menu below.


Do you have a specific artwork or object in mind that you don't see in our collection?  Do you know what you want, but not quite where to find it?  Or are you looking for an item from a particular period or culture or style that you can't track down?  We are tied in with an expansive network of dealers, galleries, private collectors, auction houses, and estate managers.  Let us know what you're looking for and our team may be able to locate, negotiate, broker, and acquire objects on your behalf.