A Roman Marble Mosaic Panel Depicting a Deer

SKU: MS.0125

Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 4th to 5th century AD
Dimensions: 55" high x 68" wide (140 cm x 73 cm)
Medium: Marble

Wonderfully charismatic and or imposing size this mosaic depicts a deer, with head erect and large antlers, galloping to the left mid-stride, with outstretched legs that extend the length of the mosaic. There's a bird raised behind the deer with a plumed head-feather and four Y-shaped fillers in the field, all of black, pink, and ochre tesserae on a white ground.

Anonymous sale; Sotheby's, London, 14 July 1986, lot 386

Surface uneven with some losses to the tesserae, some encrustation overall, mounted in concrete with reinforced steel frame.

This fragmented panel likely comes from a larger hunting scene. The deer is shown running to one side, possibly away from a predator or a Roman on a hunt.



A Roman Marble Mosaic Panel Depicting a Deer


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