Achaemenid Bronze Vessel

SKU: HQ.0072

Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 7th century BC
Dimensions: 3.25" h x 4" diameter (8.25 x 10.1cms)
Medium: Bronze

The vessel, broken off at the bottom, with softly radiating lobes covering the body  terminates at the base of the neck by multiple tiers of schematic designs, both incised and cast, with a flat horizontal rim, decorated by three concentric lines, and two further lines at the very top of the interior.

Acquired from the Chicago Fine Arts Gallery on Halstead, Chicago, IL in the 1980s; Collection of Nancy and Earl Keefer, Los Angeles, CA.

Broken off from a larger piece, evident by the repair at the bottom, it is in lovely intact condition as shown. The surface is covered by a rich and varied patina and light encrustation.

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