An Important Highly Polychromed Northern Qi Marble Buddha with Halo

SKU: HQ.0001

Origin: China
Circa: Northern Qi Dynasty, 550 - 577 AD
Dimensions: 27.5" (70cm) height
Medium: Marble with Pigment

The hair of this standing Buddha figure was polished; behind the head is a round halo indicating the divinity of the deity. On the halo is a carved lotus. The oval, softly modeled face with full cheeks appears with a benevolent facial expression. The torso is relatively slender. His right hand is missing, originally perfoming the abhaya (with no fear) mudra. His left hand is in varada (wish-granting) mudra or gesture. He wears a robe covering his shoulders and clinging his slender body with stylized drapery folds. All these iconographic and stylistic characteristics belong to Northern Qi. Originally he stands on a lotus pedestal, symbolizing the purity of Buddhism. In the ruin of Xiude monastery in Quyang of Hebei Province, archaeologists found many marble standing Buddha statues with similar characteristics. Probably, this image was removed from the region of Hebei.


Private Los Angeles collection, acquired from an important private Canadian collection 2000’s

Very Fine Condition with break at the right hand as shown. Restored honest break at the pedestal base above the feet.

Accompanied by an academic report from Dr. Chang, University of Kansas

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