Attic Black-Figured Neck Amphora

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Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: c. 510 B.C.
Dimensions: 16.8" Height x 11" Diameter (42.6cms x 28cms)
Medium: Terracotta

Attributed to the Manner of The Antimenes Painter

One side with bearded Dionysos at the centre, head turned back, clad in a himation with patterned border over an ankle-length chiton, a wreath in his hair, a kantharos in his left hand, vines in his right, facing a dancing maenad, crotales in her right hand, wearing a patterned chiton, a fillet in her hair, another dancing maenad behind him, wearing patterned chiton and fillet, holding crotales in both hands; the other side with departure scene with two central warriors, one wearing high crested helmet and carrying a circular shield and spear, the other standing behind wearing an archer's cap, an upward-gazing dog standing by their side, a draped female behind, an old man standing in front carrying a tall staff; a band of three pairs of confronting lion and boar beneath the scene, rays around foot, double lotus bud and scrolling palmette under the handles, tongues around shoulder, double palmettes on the neck, details in added white and red, a graffito on the underside of foot, the Greek letter Delta.


with Axel G. Weber, Cologne, Germany, 1979. The Werner Schatz (1909-1995) collection, Wuppertal, Germany; thence by descent to the Professor Schatz collection

Very well and professionally repaired from various fragments with some minor areas of restoration and overpainting along some of the repair lines. Foot repaired at join with body. All figures with repair lines running through them: Dionysos with repair line running diagonally through neck and upper torso and right arm, with a small infilled chip on his pectoral. Meanad on right with repair line running diagonally through face. Meanad on left with repair line running diagonally from thigh to knee, another through one foot and another through front of drapery. Other side central warriors repair lines running through shield with small areas of infill and black overpainting, repair line through knees and though neck of dog. Bearded man with repair line running horizontally through hip area and another at knee height then running up through falling folds of drapery behind with some areas of infill and black overpainting. Draped female figure with repair line running diagonally up from left arm, breast and right shoulder, another horizontally through lower legs. Small restored area to animal band just below bearded figure affecting the stomach and legs of the lion. Various flaked chips and nicks to rim. Small nicks and pitting to the neck affecting the palmette decoration on both sides. Flaking of black glaze over handles and around edge of foot. Overall the body of the base with minor wear including a few nicks, including a worn chip to the body to the left of the left hand maenad. Rubbing and loss to the added white and red details overall.



Attic Black-Figured Neck Amphora


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