Attic Red-Figured Lekythos

SKU: MS.0108

Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: c. 450 BC
Dimensions: 4.75" Height x 2" Width (12cms x 5cms)
Medium: Terracotta

A fine small lekythos, with a central scene, depicts a male youth wearing a himation and seated on a klismos, head turned back, holding a lyre in his left hand.  While the instrument rests on his lap, he holds the plectrum high in his outstretched right hand. A key pattern above with dots and rays on the shoulder.

Private collection, Germany, 1970s.

Intact, some very minor surface wear and firing loss to decoration, minor loss to glaze on shoulder rim and small surface chip below foot of seated figure.

In ancient Greece the word for beauty, "kallos", was a concept that combined both the physical and the virtuoso. Often referring to young men, this ideal could be embodied by both sexes and did not discriminate between the ages.

Small vessels displaying youthful males were very popular in ancient Athens. They often showed youths excelling in athletic or musical feats. Playing the lyre, the youth on this vase recalls the god Apollo, the god of music, who is often associated with the stringed instrument and himself depicted as the ideal male beauty.



Attic Red-Figured Lekythos


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