Canaanite Bronze Smiting God

SKU: MS.0091

Origin: Levant
Circa: Late Bronze Age, 1550 BC to 1200 BC
Dimensions: 8.375" Height (21.2 cm) excluding the tenon
Medium: Bronze

In imposing figure, large in both size and demeanor, the god stands with his feet together, both arms raised away from the body and bent at the elbow, the right arm raised, the left projecting forward and both hands fisted around now-missing weapons. His face is defined by large almond-shaped eyes, a prominent nose, protruding lips and a pointed chin. He wears a conical headpiece and a V-necked tunic and a broad belt with a vertical tab descending to the hem in front. Solidly cast, he stands at attention with his feet on an integral tenon. 

with Elie Bustros, Beirut, acquired in the 1960s; thence by descent. Acquired by the current owner, 1999

Intact, with a light green patina throughout. The surface with a uniform pitting, and some incrustation.

For related Canaanite smiting gods see O. Negbi, Canaanite Gods in Metal, pp. 29-41.



Canaanite Bronze Smiting God


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