Canaanite Bronze Deity of Worshipper

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Origin: Levant
Circa: Late Bronze Age, 1550 BC to 1200 BC
Dimensions: 8.375" Height (21.2 cm) excluding the tenon
Medium: Bronze

The slender figure standing with feet together, wearing a long belted robe with thick rolled edge, crowned with a tall conical headdress, a thick necklace and bracelets on each wrist, his right hand raised in a gesture of benediction, left hand held in front, with aquiline nose, smiling mouth, large eyes recessed for inlays and arching brows above, with crystalline surface.

H. Palivoda collection, Geneva, acquired circa 1950s; and thence by descent

Intact, with exception of missing eye-inlays. Overall with rough and weathered surface, with mottled dark grey and brown crystalline patination, with patches of brighter mottled green cuprite encrustation, particularly on the rear, around neckline and front proper left side of robe as illustrated. Overall with areas of surface flaking, particularly to front of robe and proper right cheek. With hairline cracks to surface, particularly running through front waistband of robe, up back of neck to tip of headdress, and around lower edge of front of robe. Attachment tangs on base of feet. Mounted on brass block mount.

Bronze figures such as this probably served a cultic role and were often found in public sanctuaries. This standing figure has parallels with a number of enthroned figures, whose hands are held in benediction, their benign attitude as well as their crowned head associating them with deities rather than mere worshippers. The main deities within the Canaanite pantheon were: El, the creator god, his consort, Athirat, Ba'al the storm god, and his sister, Anat, goddess of hunting and warfare.

For similar figures cf. O. Negbi, Canaanite Gods in Metal, Tel Aviv, 1976, pp. 42-45. For enthroned figures cf. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, acc. nos 32.18.3 and 32.161.45, for two statues which were both originally covered in gold foil.



Canaanite Bronze Deity of Worshipper


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