Greek Terracotta Female Protome

SKU: MS.0096

Origin: Mediterranean, probably Rhodes
Circa: 5th Century BC
Dimensions: 10.25" Height (26 cm)
Medium: Terracotta

Mould-made, with white slip, wearing a stephane and a himation, with dark blue zigzags along the edge, pulled up over the top of the head, the hair emerging from under the headdress, with almond-shaped eyes and a slight smile, wearing disc earrings, remains of blue, yellow decoration.

Ariadne Galleries, New York. Mavrommatis collection, Switzerland; acquired early 1990s

With a heavily encrusted and flaked surface overall. Possibly plaster infill around the lower edge. Remains of pigment.

R. A. Higgins, Catalogue of the Terracottas in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities in the British Museum, Volume I, London, 1954, nos 134-141, p.67-69.



Greek Terracotta Female Protome


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