Attic Red-Figured Dinos

SKU: MS.0099

Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 4th Century BC
Dimensions: 10.25" Height (26 cm) with lid
Medium: Terracotta

From the LC Group. Standing on a high baluster foot with black tongues on the shoulder and a peaked lid and a narrow baluster knob, the body of the vessel is decorated with a large head of a maenad, clutching a thyrsos before her, on one side. Further along the bowl there is a draped female moving to the right while looking back, holding a cista and fillets in each extended hand. To the left of her there is a nude winged Eros flying to the right holding a cista and fillets. The final side shows a different type of scene of a shield, a double-door, and a tympanum.

A label on the underside of the foot, reading: "acheté à Rhodes, 1905." Jean Audy (1906-1962), Paris. Archéologie, Millon & Associés, Paris, 21 May 2008, lot 287

The L.C. Group is named for painters of late Attic calyx-kraters.

For a closely-related example, in terms of the shape and subject, compare the dinos in Leiden, pp. 34-35, pls. 192.1-4 and 195.1 in M.F. Vos, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, the Netherlands, Leiden, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Fasc. 4.



Attic Red-Figured Dinos


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