Corinthian Black-Figured Tripod Pyxis

SKU: MS.0111

Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: c. 570 - 560 BC
Dimensions: 2.2" Height x 4.4" Diameter (5.5cms x 11.2cms)
Medium: Terracotta

Attributed to the Painter of the Brussels Sirens.

While small in stature this vessel makes up for it in form. Like the name suggests this vessel has three legs supporting a central bowl. Each leg is decorated with a siren with outstretched wings. The top and edges of the lip incised with multiple layers of lines, the details picked out in earthy purple and red.

with Charles Ede Ltd, London, 1997 (Corinthian Pottery, Charles Ede Ltd, 1997). Anonymous sale: Christie's London, 12 April 2000, lot 173. with Royal Athena Galleries, New York, 2001 (Art of the Ancient World, vol. XII, 2001, no. 161). Anonymous sale; Christie's London, 29 April 2010, lot 30.

Small pitted hole at the base of the vessel. Some rubbing and wear to the painted decoration particularly on top edge of rim. Flaked chip to rim edge and another linear potting flaw to rim in this area. Other similar potting flaws to interior of vessel. Wear to colours on the three feet and dirt encrustation under the rim.



Corinthian Black-Figured Tripod Pyxis


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