Cycladic Marble Kandila

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Origin: Cyclades
Circa: 4th - 3rd millennium BC
Dimensions: 8" h x 6" w (20.3cm x 15.25cm)
Medium: Marble

A marble vessel sitting on a conical foot, its wide bellied body with four crescent lug handles, pierced for suspension, and a gently inward sloping tall neck.

Personal collection of Pat Getz-Gentle, Connecticut, most active in the '80s, until 2016 when gifted to the present owner.

Modern restoration to rim by present owner. An ancient blow on one side has left a circular depression between two lugs but not disfiguring to the whole.

Originally the kandila would have been used as a functional everyday object. Strung with cord, these vessels would have held liquids such as oil or wine, and were tilted while suspended to pour their contents. Although functional, these vessels survive today mainly due to their addition to graves, however why they were added is unknown. This vessel can be attributed closely to Kandila Sculptor B, active between 3000 - 2800 BC, there are forty vessels attributed to his hand. His work is characterised by a wide mouth, tall body, a low-hollowed pedestal foot, broad shoulder with an impressed channel running around the neck, and short- low profile lug handles.

For a similar example attributed to "Sculptor B" see P. Getz-Gentle, Stone Vessels of the Cyclades in the Early Bronze Age, Pennsylvania, 1996.



Cycladic Marble Kandila


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