Hellenistic Vase with Remains of Gilding

SKU: HQ.0021

Origin: Cyprus
Circa: 4th - 2nd Century BC
Dimensions: 8.25" Height (21 cm) including custom stand
Medium: Terracotta

A slender ceramic vase with flared foot, bulbous body, conical neck with chamfered rim; remains of gilt overlay; supplied with a custom-made stand and old collector's labels beneath: 'G 30/11/53 ex1-' and 'Ancient Vase from CYPRUS' and 'Showing remains of gilding.'


Property of an East Anglia gentleman; acquired from Acorn Antiques, Hertfordshire, UK in 2017, with original receipt; formerly acquired on 30th November 1953 as per the collection labels on the underside of the base

Fine condition, with no breaks or repairs, surface flaking and wear throughout, remains of gilding

The unguentarium is one of the most characteristic types of Hellenistic pottery. It is also known as the "tear-bottle"; this is because it was once thought that such vessels were used for collecting the tears of mourners before being placed in the grave. Today, however, it is believed that such vessels were probably used for the transportation of unguents. The decoration of unguentaria generally consisted of simple bands and remained unchanged throughout the lifetime of this type. Nevertheless, there are also many undecorated examples.

Detroit Institute of Arts, Greco-Roman and Ancient European, 61.123. Museum of Cycladic Art, History in Images, ΑΑ0198.

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