Egyptian Alabaster Dish

SKU: MS.0144

Origin: Egypt
Circa: New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, 1550 BC to  1295 BC
Dimensions: 5.875" (15 cm) Length
Medium: Alabaster

In the form of a duck, the hemispherical body with legs projecting on either side, the long neck and head serving as a handle, details incised.


Mme Marcelle Desurmont-Prouvost (1892-1972) collection, Paris, acquired 1943; and thence by descent to M. H. François-Marsal, Nantes

Rim on one side with two repaired fragments with minor losses along the repair lines and glue residue visible. Very minor worn chips to the rim with a larger flaked chip with dark coloured dirt staining. Minor flaked chip to underside of the bird's beak. Pencil inscribed 'no. 20' on underside.

There are a number of similar bird-shaped vessels dating to the 18th-19th Dynasties, both in alabaster and wood; they were probably used as cosmetic dishes.

For a duck-shaped dish see The Brooklyn Museum, inv. no. 11.665.

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