Egyptian Alabaster Shabti

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Origin: Egypt
Circa: New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, c. 1550 - 1307 BC
Dimensions: 8.8" Height x 3" Width x 2" Depth, 10.2" Height w/ stand (22.3cms x 7.6cms x 5cms, 25.9cms)
Medium: Alabaster

Depicted mummiform, the arms crossing the chest, the fisted hands emerging from within the vestment, wearing a tripartite headcloth, with horizontal incisions between the lappets for the broad collar.

with Le Véel, Paris, 1974. R. Liechti collection, Geneva.

Repaired from two large sections with some fill in the breaks. The break running diagonnally across the body from the right shoulder to the left hip, the back of the left shoulder and horizontally across the right arm. The feet restored up to the ankles. Some surface cracks, especially in veins in the stone, including a vein that has weathered significantly across the headcloth. The nose mostly lost. Surface wear and abrasions throughout.

For a shabti in limestone with similar features and proportions see no. 6, pp. 15-16 in G. Janes, Shabtis, A Private View.


New Kingdom

Egyptian Alabaster Shabti

New Kingdom

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