Egyptian Alabaster Cylindrical Jar

SKU: HQ.0088

Origin: Egypt
Circa: Early Dynastic, 2nd Dynasty, c. 2770 - 2649 BC
Dimensions: 5.2” H x 3.2” W (13.2cm x 8.1cm)
Medium: Alabaster

The jar is of tall, cylindrical and slightly concave form, with a everted rounded rim and subtle flared foot. 


Collection of Dr. R. Vadaszy, New York. Sotheby’s, Antiquities and Islamic Art, May 31, 1997, New York. Sue McGovern-Huffman, Sands of Time Inc. Private Collection, North Carolina.

Intact and retains original polished surface.

Flinders Petrie, “The Funeral Furniture of Egypt and Stone & Metal Vases," c. 1977, pl. VIII

Sands of Time, “Fine Antiquities from the Ancient World,” Summer 2001 Ed.

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