Egyptian Black Steatite Isis and Horus

SKU: MS.0048

Origin: Egypt
Circa: Late Period, c. 664 - 333 BC
Dimensions: 7" Height x 1.8" Width x 2.75" Depth (17.8cms x 4.5cms x 7cms)
Medium: Steatite

The goddess seated with her feet on an integral plinth, clad in a tightly-fitted sheath and a broad-collar, her striated tripartite wig and vulture headdress crowned with a modius of uraei supporting cow horns framing a solar disc, offering her left breast to her divine son Horus seated on her lap, her left hand supporting his head, Horus wearing a cap-crown fronted by a uraeus and a broad collar, his side lock of youth with incised details


French private collection, 1950s-1960s.

Chips to tip of cow's horns and back-pillar, as well as upper corners of seat. Wear to corners of base near feet. Some pitting and scratches to surface overall. Chip to proper left side of the base.

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