Egyptian Bronze Seated Sekhmet

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Origin: Egypt
Circa: Late Period, 26th Dynasty, c. 664 - 525 BC
Dimensions: 6" h x 1.75" w x 3.15" d excluding stand (15.24cm x 4.5cm x 8cm)
Medium: Bronze

The lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, shown seated with her feet on an integral trapezoidal base, wearing a long ankle length fitted dress and an incised tripartite wig, her left arm extended outward which previously held a staff.

Acquired from a New York Gallery in the early to mid 1990s; Private Collection, New York, NY; Thence by descent to the current owner.

The piece is in stable and good condition, features worn as shown.

Ra created Sekhmet as a check on disobedient humans. Her name translates to "she who is powerful", the goddess of war and healing, she was feared and beloved. Commonly depicted with the body of a woman and the head of a lion, she's often shown holding an ankh, which represented her ability to give life through the yearly flooding of the Nile. Her life-giving abilities also made her the patron goddess of healers, with the power to cure diseases.

Offerings of food, drink, song, and dance were made to her, as well as mummified cats that accompanied the prayers of the one presenting the offering. It was believed that Sekhmet could hear the prayers of those who whispered into the ears of the mummified cats that were left as offerings.


Late Dynastic

Egyptian Bronze Seated Sekhmet

Late Dynastic

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