Egyptian Bronze Nefertem

SKU: MS.0046

Origin: Egypt
Circa: Third Intermediate to Late Period, c. 1070 - 343 BC
Dimensions: 5.5" Height x 6.3" Height incl. stand x 1.5" Width x 2" Depth (14cms x 16cms x 3.8cms x 5cms)
Medium: Bronze

Striding forward with the left leg advanced, wearing a belted pleated kilt, his right arm lowered, his left bent acutely, the forearm projecting forward, with a braided chin beard and a striated tripartite headcloth once surmounted by a now-missing crown, its circular tenon preserved.

with Edward H. Merrin Gallery, New York, 1968. Private Collection, New York, 1968-2011.

The right leg and left forearm lost, the crown missing, the tip of the beard and part of the chin lost; surface wear and pitting throughout.

For a similar example, its headdress still preserved, see fig. 27 in M. Hill, ed., Gifts for the Gods.



Egyptian Bronze Nefertem


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