Egyptian Bronze Osiris

SKU: MS.0052

Origin: Egypt
Circa: Late Period to Ptolemaic, 664 BC - 30 BC
Dimensions: 7.5" Height x 2" Width x 1.6" Depth; Including stand 9.5" Height x 2.3" Width x 2.3" Depth (19cms x 5cms x 4cms; 24cms x 5.8cms)
Medium: Bronze

Depicted mummiform with his arms folded on his chest, wearing a plumed atef-crown with frontal uraeus, the eyes preserving traces of gold overlay, a long false beard and an incised multi-strand broad collar with counterpoise hanging down the back, holding a crook and flail, on integral trapezoidal base with two sides with hieroglyphic inscription reading 'Osiris gives life to [?], Padiusir.'

Private collection, France, acquired 1970s

Overall with a smooth mottled dark patination. Tip of his left plume missing. Minor surface wear overall.

For a similar bronze Osiris in canonical form with hieroglyphs to the base, see "Standing Mummiform Statuette of Osiris", c. 664-332 BC, Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, Accession # 08.480.38


Late Dynastic

Egyptian Bronze Osiris

Late Dynastic

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