Egyptian Limestone Relief with Cartouches for Ptolemy II

SKU: HQ.0057

Origin: Egypt
Circa: Ptolemaic Period, 4th Century BC to 3rd Century BC
Dimensions: 13" Height x 20.75" Width x 2.75" Depth (33 cm x 53 cm w x 7 cm)
Medium: Limestone

Displaying the cartouches of Ptolemy II in sunken relief, this sizeable fragment is an incredibly evocative fragment from one of Egypt's last great dynasties. As every ruler before him Ptolemy would display his name on every temple and monument he constructed to signal him as the new ruler. Perserved here is the equivalent declaration showing the sun disc with double uraeus, the snakes woven into and supporting ankhs, and the epithet "The Behdite, Lord..." and "... words spoken by Isis, the Divine Mother...," and at the right, "... King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, Son of Ra, Lord of Appearances, Ptolemy..."

Collection of Dr Powers, World Affairs Council, acquired c. mid 1980s via mail-order pamphlet (copy included) from Ancient World Arts, New York, NY; Private Collection Los Angeles, CA

A sizeable fragment, the upper right corner conserved with a fair sized hole disrupting one of the snakes of the uraeus and the right hand hieroglyphs. A small chip at the bottom left corner, part of the cartouche, also conserved. The relief is worn throughout as expected.

For a similar relief in raised decoration at the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Museum, object number E222.



Egyptian Limestone Relief with Cartouches for Ptolemy II


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