Egyptian Limestone Stele for Beb

SKU: MS.0009

Origin: Egypt
Circa: First Intermediate Period, 11th Dynasty, 2134 - 2040 BC
Dimensions: 13.6" Height x 8.7" Width 3.5" Depth (34.5 cm x 22 cm x 8.9 cm) with stand
Medium: Limestone

Sculpted in shallow sunk relief, the lunette with two facing jackal deities on shrines, a Shen ring in between, three rows of hieroglyphs below containing a Hetep-di-nesu formula, reading: "A Royal Offering Formula (to) Osiris Lord of Dedu [Busiris, a Delta city] and Wepwawet-Re Lord of Abydos, that he (sic) may give Invocation-Offerings of bread and beer, oxen and fowl, alabaster and clothing, incense and oil, every good and pure thing, for the Ka of the Venerated One(?) Beb," the middle register showing Beb seated before an offering table, holding a lily, the table piled high and surrounded with offerings, the lower register with a column of hieroglyphs in between two females seated on the groundline, reading: "The Venerated One(?) Iusni," the lower registers framed on either side by a decorative border.


with Abdelmohsen Eldessouky, Munich, 1977. Private German Collection.

Intact; some chips to the edges, some surface pitting, the residue from circular decals in several places, some other surface staining.

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