Egyptian Limestone Upper Shabti Fragment

SKU: MS.0010

Origin: Egypt
Circa: New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, Reign of Amenhotep III, circa 1391 - 1353 BC
Dimensions: 12.75" Height x 4.8" Width x 3.75" Depth (32.4 cm x 12.2 cm x 9.5 cm) with stand
Medium: Limestone

Wearing tripartite wig, his round face with almond-shaped eyes, with finely-detailed ears, his arms crossed on his chest, a seed bag in each hand, a narrow hoe in the right and a broad-bladed type in the left hand, with four lines of hieroglyphic text remaining, from Chapter 6 of the Book of Dead.

James Bakes collection, Toronto, Canada, acquired July 1967 from Giblin and Hearst, Portobello Road, London. Private collection, UK. Private collection, Germany.

This stand was designed by James Bakes and made by Ivan Lindsay of the Royal Ontario Museum in preparation for its appearance in the 1977 exhibition.

J. L. Haynes, Privately Owned Egyptian Antiquities in Ontario: Fascicle I Shabtis, Ontario, 1983

Royal Ontario Museum, 'Privately Owned Egyptian Antiquities of the Toronto Area', April-June 1977


New Kingdom

Egyptian Limestone Upper Shabti Fragment

New Kingdom

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