Egyptian Sandstone Relief

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Origin: Egypt
Circa: Kushite Period, 25th Dynasty, 712 - 657 BC
Dimensions: 10.5" Height x 13" Width x 1.25" Depth (26.7 cm x 33 cm x 3.8 cm) with stand
Medium: Sandstone

Sculpted in raised relief, preserving a portion of two columns of hieroglyphs with a hymn or prayer to Ptah, the creator and craftsman god, reading from left to right: "You have planned/thought that which is..., you have...craftsmen/artisans without li[mit]," some pigment preserved throughout.

with Charles Ede, London, 1978

Intact as preserved. Some pigment preserved. Minor chips throughout, especially to the edges. Overall minor surface wear and abrasions throughout.

This text resembles that found on the Shabako Stone, an important mythological and theological text dating from the reign of the Kushite Pharaoh Shabaka (712-698 B.C.), which outlines Memphite theology, placing Ptah as the central deity of the Egyptian pantheon and ascribing to him the role of creator. According to legend, Shabaka found the text on a decaying papyrus at a temple to Ptah in Memphis, thereafter having it inscribed onto stone.


Late Dynastic

Egyptian Sandstone Relief

Late Dynastic

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