Egyptian Wood Mummy Mask

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Origin: Egypt
Circa: Third Intermediate Period, 21st - 25th Dynasty, c. 1070 BC - 712 BC
Dimensions: 9.5" Height ((24 cm.)
Medium: Wood

The mask, comprised of wood, with remains of gesso-painted and gilded linen-backed surface, the inlaid eyes of a later date, but historically correct, and three attachment holes which would have held wooden pegs fixing it to the body of the sarcophagus. 

Private Collection of a Lady. Private collection, Germany; acquired at auction, Untermünkheim, Germany, 1973

Stable crack running from top of proper right side of head through eyebrow and proper right cheek. Remains of gesso-painted surface with fragile but stable cracking, with cream/light brown surface discolouration, remains of linen and wood surface visible where gesso-paint missing. Visible eyelines and eyebrow remaining, inlays now missing, suggest that inlaid eyes are not original but later addition. Under chin attachment hole with remains of wooden dowel, additionally two attachment holes on either side of head, one dowel missing. The back with one additional dowel hole at lip level, and two smaller attachment holes on top of head, and six small holes at the upper edge from a later hanging hook. The proper left crown of head with patches and trails of lighter brown. Overall with surface dirt discolouration.

Accompanied by radiocarbon analysis from Akademie der Wissenschaften, Heidelberg, Germany dating the mask to the 9th Century BC and also an analysis of the wood; scyamore and tamarisk.


Third Intermediate

Egyptian Wood Mummy Mask

Third Intermediate

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