Indian Sandstone Goddess Statue of Parvati

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Origin: India
Circa: Middle Kingdoms period, 10th - 12th century AD
Dimensions: 15" Width x 35" Height (38.1 cm x 88.9 cm) on custom stand
Medium: Sandstone

A sumptuous statue depicting a standing goddess, perhaps Parvati, hand-carved from red-brown sandstone and sanded smooth. The woman stands with a belt cord and a frontal sash, with carefully incised striations and spirals adorning her thighs, and ample breasts displayed in front of her nude chest. Beaded necklaces drape around her neck and atop her bosom, and her bangle-adorned arms are stretched behind her in a tantric manner. Her sensitive visage boasts almond-shaped eyes beneath a slender singular brow, a slender nose, full lips, and large-lobed ears, all beneath a neatly arranged coiffure topped with a tall headdress with embellishments indicative of jewels and other precious materials.  

Property of private Los Angeles Collection 1985

Repair to left arm, and minor restoration on outside of elbow and forearm of right arm. Losses to lower legs and areas of arms and body as shown. Minor nicks and abrasions to legs, body, arms, and head, with softening to some finer details, and light encrustations. Nice earthen deposits throughout.

The goddess Parvati, also known as Uma, daughter of the mountains, is traditionally understood as the consort of Shiva and is usually presented as a beautiful woman without any superfluous limbs, as we see in this example. When she finally attracted Shiva, after a long and physically grueling courtship, he shared with her the secrets of the world, a conversation that would lead to the dispersal of this elite knowledge amongst the wise. At first Parvati, like most female deities (shakti), was viewed as a minor deity. However, between the 5th and 13th centuries, Parvati became a subject of worship in her own right rather than a mere consort to a male deity, with temples erected in her honor. It was at this time that Parvati became a major deity known as Durga and Kali. This sculpture depicts Parvati in all of her glory.


Indian Sandstone Goddess Statue of Parvati

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