Khmer Sandstone Figure of Uma

SKU: HQ.0084

Origin: Cambodia
Circa: Angkor Wat Style, 12th Century AD
Dimensions: 28.5" h x 7" w (72.3cm x 17.8cm) excluding base
Medium: Sandstone

The goddess, standing upright, is shown wearing an ankle length sampot folded in vertical pleats and a decorative fishtail fold, secured by an ornate belt tied with a fancy knot. The elongated torso left bare with just the naval and breasts delineated, with folds in the neck. With a calm expression, her almond shaped eyes beneath gently arched brows and full lips, her conical headdress with incised geometric floral patterns and flared rim.

Former Personal Collection of Josheph Rondina, New York, New York..

Fragmented as shown, with both arms missing just beneath the shoulders, the proper right leg missing with the proper left remaining just above the ankle. There's a shallow area of damage to the back and general nicks throughout. Overall in good condition.

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