Egyptian Limestone Fragment of a Seated Figure

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Origin: Egypt
Circa: Middle Kingdom, c. 2050 - 1750 BC
Dimensions: 7.25" h x 4.75" w x 4" d (18.4cm x 12cm x 10.1cm) excluding base
Medium: Limestone

Originally depicting a seated figure wearing a tightly fitted skirt, possibly from a pair statue, now fragmented, the remains show the lower portion of the body, with legs bent and a hand resting on the upper thigh. A vertical panel of hieroglyphs etched between the legs.

The hieroglyphic translation: "imn (Amun), Ãpt-swt (Karnak), other symbols that would coincide with the phrase "for the ka (soul) of..." and hrí pr n (overseer of the House of...)

Private Collection, Spain. Art Canigo, Carcelona, Spain c. 1984. Acquired from the above by a Private Collection, Barcelona, Spain. [accomanpied by the original invoice and export license]

Fragmented as shown, but overall in good condition.

Statues like this would have been placed inside the deceased's tomb for members of the family to leave offerings. Egyptian's believed the spirit could inhabit the statue and act as an intermediary between this world and the next, allowing for the spirit to relay the wishes and offerings of the visitor to the dead.

For an example of a complete Pair Statue see the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Nebwaw and His Wife, Tenethet," Accession number 19.2.3. or for an example with the hieroglyphs remaining see the Brooklyn Museum's "Pair Statue of Nebsen and Nebet-ta," Accession number 40.523.


New Kingdom

Egyptian Limestone Fragment of a Seated Figure

New Kingdom

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