Over Life-Sized Roman Marble Togatus Figure

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Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: Imperial Period, c. 1st to 3th century AD
Dimensions: 72" Height (182.9 cm) x 25" Width x (63.5 cm)
Medium: Marble

An exemplary, larger-than-life statue of a figure donning a voluminous toga draped across the body with cascading folds, skillfully hand-carved from white marble. The togatus figure stands contrapposto with his right leg slightly bent at the knee and his left arm at his side while grasping a cluster of drapery folds. His right arm bends at the elbow, positioning his hand near the cowl of his garment. A cylindrical leather box for scrolls is shown behind his left foot, identifying him as a man engaged in public business. His contrapposto pose creates a weight shift that resembles the natural and organic movement of the human body. The Greeks invented this pose in the 5th century BCE as an alternative to the more static stances of earlier eras. By the 4th century BCE, Praxiteles and others mastered this expressive pose, and the Romans of course admired this ability to capture the human figure in a veristic fashion.


Private Beverly Hills, California, USA collection; ex-Westreich collection, Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA and previously on display in Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA, acquired on the London art market and imported into the US in 1985

Losses to head, proper right hand, and areas of base and verso as shown. Large chip on right shoulder. Chips, nicks, abrasions, and encrustations to base, body, and chest, with softening to finer details, and yellowing to stone color in scattered areas. Wonderful preservation to overall form and presence.

The wearing of the toga in Imperial Rome dates to the time of Emperor Augustus (reign 27 BCE to 14 CE), when he revived an ancient costume and made it required attire in the Forum. Hence, this figure's toga associates him with the public life of the Empire. A remarkable sculpture that likely once graced a public space to commemorate a notable figure.



Over Life-Sized Roman Marble Togatus Figure


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