Paestan Red-Figure Kylix

SKU: MS.0021

Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: c. 330 - 320 BC
Dimensions: 5.75" Height x 10" Diameter; x 14.1" Wide including handles (14.6cms x 25.4cms; 35.8cms)
Medium: Terracotta

Attributed to The Painter of Naples 1778.

Elegantly potted this kylix sits on a high foot, with a lively painted satyr and draped female decorating the tondo, the satyr with head turned back, holding a thyrsos and rhyton, the female with left leg bent with her foot resting on a foliate scroll, holding a mirror and fillet, flanked on either side with a beautifully painted swan and hound, a quartered and ribboned ball and two ivy leaves in the field, standing on egg and dart groundline, a palmette flanked by foliate scrolling in the exergue, all enclosed within a band of ivy and berries. The exterior displays a band of dotted laurel interspersed with large roundels decorated with rays, waves and zigzags, all finished by details in added white and yellow.

Dr. Schweizer collection, Switzerland. with Frank Sternberg AG, Zurich, 1993.

One handle very well restored. The other handle with horizontal top section restored. Interior with some very minor patches of crazing and flaking to the black glaze including just below female figure's mirror and around the satyr's tail and either side of the hound. Minor surface wear overall including some very minor nicks and pitting. Exterior in similar condition with minor surface wear and small nicks. Added white and yellow slip still intact.

South Italian pottery is a classification for works produced throughout Magna Graecia. The five main centers of production for South Italian wares were, Apulia, Lucania, Paestum, Campania, and Sicily. Each colony developed upon earlier red-figure styles of painting and forms, with some taking the embellishments to new levels.

This kylix by the Painter of Naples 1778 displays many stylistic traits of Paestan wares. The expressive lean of the female figure, the added adornments in white and yellow, and the exuberant use of tendrils and foliate designs throughout.



Paestan Red-Figure Kylix


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