Predynastic Granite Vessel

SKU: HQ.0007

Origin: Egypt
Circa: End of the Pre-dynastic Period, beginning of the Thinite Period, 3100 - 2900 BC
Dimensions: 5.5" in diameter x 3" Height (14 cm x 7.6 cm)
Medium: Granite 

A beautiful globular vase with a perfectly rounded bottom presenting a simple and elegant design. It was cut from a single block of black and red speckled diorite. The circular opening has a wide, flat lip while the neck is broad and very short. The cylindrical lug handles are drilled from both sides and are precisely positioned opposite each other on the vessel’s shoulder. The interior is well hollowed out, conforming in shape to the outer contour and is unpolished, leaving multiple horizontal grooves, the marks left by the tools used to work the piece.

ex - private collection, Los Angeles, California, USA; private New Jersey collection, purchased from a private collector in the 1990s, acquired from East Coast Collection 1970s

Small section of one handle reattached, else intact and quite excellent. One of the finest examples we have handled!

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