Egyptian Wood Ptah Sokar Osiris

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Origin: Egypt
Circa: Third Intermediate Period, 1069 BC - 664 BC
Dimensions: 18" Height (45.7 cm) with custom base
Medium: Painted Wood

A superb example of the type, this large mummiform statuette of the standing god is relatively unique for it's kind, lacking in both painted details and superlative surface ornamentation.  Beyond the faintest traces of polychromy, our figure is essentially monotone, only further accentuating it's striking and powerful silhouette. The round face is well rendered with a broad nose, fleshy lips, and strong brow.  Black contour lines trace subtle details on the right ear and false beard, while only the soft impression of a multi-stranded broad collar remains.  The boldly carved tripartite wig, false beard, and serene face elegantly contrast the rigid standing posture and give this figure an air of nobility, dashed with quintessential Egyptian grace. 

Me Grandin, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, December 16 and 17, 1980: n ° 23 (ill.) Private collection of Monsieur C., Paris Then by descent to the current owner

Substantial surface wear, with losses, traces of polychromy. large transverse fissure, wormholes. Chip to proper left foot and base, hole in right side for dowel or pin, attachment broken for now missing double plumed rams horn headdress.

An important element of high-status burials in the Late Period and Ptolemaic Period was a wooden statuette of a mummiform deity who is identified as Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. This entity is an example of syncretism, or the merging of characteristics of one or more deities common to ancient Egyptian religious expression. Ptah, was the creater god of Memphis; Sokar, the patron of the Memphite necropolis; and Osiris, the chief god of the afterlife and ruler of the underworld. Together, they suggest birth, death, and resurrection.

For similar shape and proportion see Rindi Nuzzolo, An Unusual Group of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris Figures Some Reflections on Typology and Provenance, Fig. 6.

Nuzzolo, Carlo Rindi (2013) An Unusual Group of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris Figures Some Reflections on Typology and Provenance, Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt Vol. 49, pp. 193-204


Late Dynastic

Egyptian Wood Ptah Sokar Osiris

Late Dynastic

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