Roman Marble Inscribed Panel

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Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: c. 1st century AD
Dimensions: 6.75" Height x 15" Width x .75" Depth (17.1cms x 38cms x 1.9cms)
Medium: Marble

With four lines of Latin text reading, 'To Caius Geminus Apseustus, [from] Geminia Chrysis [as his wife] to her patron and for herself and her family', with a border of undulating waves and lines at the top and sides and diagonal notches along the lower edge.

Leighton Wilkie (1900-1993) collection, USA. The Leighton A. Wilkie Collection; Bonhams, London, 26 April 2007, lot 193. Accompanied by an illustration from the exhibition at Wilkie Brothers Foundation, dated 27 August 1969

Repaired from two pieces with repair line running from top to lower edge with infill and overpainting and a restored chip along lower edge at the break. Flaked chips to right and left edges and to the back of the piece. Overall with patches of thick dirt encrustation and staining including a streak of discoloured varnish(?) to the far left side and some patches of red pigment on back and front. Mounted.

Caius Geminius Apseustus was possibly a freedman of a Roman named Caius Geminius, with the cognomen Apseustus having been his slave-name. His wife, Geminia Chrysis, was probably his own slave, originally named Chrysis, whom he married after granting her her freedom, hence the reference in the text to her patronus. The cognomen Apseustus is uncommon and is likely to have originated from the eastern Mediterranean region or Asia Minor.

The Wilkie Brothers Foundation, Illinois, USA, August 1969.



Roman Marble Inscribed Panel


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