Roman Marble Sarcophagus Lid Fragment

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Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 3rd Quarter of the 3rd Century AD
Dimensions: 11" h x 20" l (28cm x 51cm) excluding stand
Medium: Marble

Wonderfully preserved, this fragment comes from the lip of a sarcophagus that depicted the seasons. The remains of a Season can be seen taking on the form of a reclining erote, facing to the left, wearing a mantle over his lower body. Richly carved in high relief the figure jumps out from the background with varying layers, making the most of the play of light. His left wing carved in shallow incised lines, greatly differing from the fully fleshed out right wing, the left highlighted under raking light. He is seen holding a lagobolon in his left and a basket of fruit on his knee. The scene continues to the left with the end of a pole, two fowls suspended, most likely depicting the next Season. 

Sotheby's, London, July 18th, 1991, no. 408, illus.; Cahn Auktionen AG, Basel, January 10th, 2013, no. 256, illus.; Collection of Sir Peter Jonas, renowned Opera director, directing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the National English Opera

In beautiful original-fragmented condition, surface appears to be untouched, with a small chip to the upper right exposing the high crystaline marble and one small chip in the same area stored, only display on the back.

For a comparable example of a fragmentary sarcophagus lid depicting a reclining season see, Wellesley College Museum, Jewett Arts Center, Wellesley, Massachusetts, accession number 1970.12.



Roman Marble Sarcophagus Lid Fragment


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