Roman Marble Sculpture of Hercules

SKU: HQ.0013

Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 2nd - 3rd century AD
Dimensions: 11.5" h (29.21 cm)
Medium: Marble

The hero, standing in a classic contrapposto with his weight on his right leg, displays a well defined musculature, with his head and the majority of both arms and legs now missing, he wears the Nemean lion-skin tied around his neck and draped over his back.

Private Texas Collection, by descent to the current owner.

Fragmented as shown, with his head, arms, and legs now missing, the surface cleaned but modeling not obscured. Overall in good condition.

For a similar example in size, pose, and Nemean lion-skin see the Marble statue of Herakles, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, accession number 48.161.1.



Roman Marble Sculpture of Hercules


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