South Italian Red-Figured Hydria

SKU: MS.0102

Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: c. 4th century BC
Dimensions: 7.6" (19.5cm) Height
Medium: Terracotta

Wonderfully decorative, the hydria is classic in form and displays an evocative level of wear. The main scene shows a naked Eros flanked on either side by draped female figures, one holding an alabastron in her right hand. The scene is livened up with a scrolling plant in the field and a band of dotted ovolo surrounds both above and below.

Private collection, France, acquired prior to 1981; and thence by descent to the present owner.

Chip to left side of foot. Encrustation to the rim. Surface worn overall. Some dirt encrustation. Flaking to black glaze, including on handles. Small hole at the back and on the wings of Eros. Mis-firing between Eros and woman in front of him.

Designed as a water container, the hydria's elements harmoniously come together to carry and pour, with its horizontal handles for carrying and the vertical handle makes it easy to tilt and pour the contents. Water vessels, like the hydria and loutrophoros, are associated with both marriage and funeral rituals.

The size and quality of this example suggests it may have been left at a grave.



South Italian Red-Figured Hydria


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